Family Involvement

Southern Plains Treatment Services  treatment philosophy promotes family participation in a client’s treatment during their stay. Parent and family involvement in the assessment and treatment process is essential to providing quality treatment services. SPTS recognizes that partnering with families enables the client to maintain and improve vital family relationships. SPTS makes reasonable efforts to meet with the client and family prior to admission to our treatment facility to discuss the following:

  • Reasons for admission
  • Preparation for admission
  • What the client and family can expect during treatment
  • Initial psychosocial assessment of treatment needs
  • Possible barriers to successful treatment.

SPTS recognizes parents as full partners in their child’s treatment team. It is expected that they will participate in weekly family therapy meetings intended to plan, implement, and evaluate their child’s treatment. In addition,

  1. Southern Plains Treatment Services promotes regular communication between the client and their family, most frequently by letters, telephone calls, visits, and participation in family therapy and family groups.
  2. Southern Plains Treatment Services provides regularly scheduled parent education groups to parents of clients and promotes regular communication between the family and Southern Plains Treatment Services
  3. Southern Plains Treatment Services assists the client and family in discussing the kinds of family relationships they would like to have, resolving family conflicts, coping with being separated from family, and planning visitation both on and off campus.
  4. Southern Plains Treatment Services provides regular family visitation time on Sundays from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Other visiting times can be made by request.
  5. Southern Plains Treatment Services provides monetary assistance with transportation for parents to visit their children and participate in family therapy.
  6. Southern Plains Treatment Services coordinates linkages for families to receive services from their own local resources as appropriate.